Flexroute® cable clamp kits

Quantity: 4 Pack
Size: Small


The Flexroute® cable clamp forms around both the cable and frame providing uniform traction and long lasting protection that a cable tie just can't accomplish on its own. The Flexroute® cable clamp safely secures and protects a conduit of any kind (pneumatic, hydraulic, coaxial, transducer, etc.) to a fixed structure like submersible drive shaft sleeves on fishing boat trolling motors to wakeboard boat towers and UTV roll cages for lighting and audio.   

Our system is for DIYers and industry professionals alike. The Flexroute® cable clamp is out there today keeping cables and frames protected with a professional look standard cable ties just can't achieve.

Included in our kits are LowPro® fasteners:

4 pack kit includes 6 LowPro® fasteners

8 pack kit includes 10 LowPro® fasteners

100 pack kit includes 100 LowPro® fasteners


Flexroute® Sizing Guide: (Ideal cable diameters)

Small  |  Metric (4.8mm-6.5mm) Standard (3/16"-1/4")

Medium |  Metric (7.1mm-9.5mm) Standard (9/32"-3/8")

Made in the USA


LowPro® Sizing Information:

14" Standard LowPro® Specs | 

UL Rated: Indoor/Outdoor Use
Material: Nylon 6/6 UV/Black
Length: 14”/370mm
Strap Width: .18”/4.6mm
Tensile Rating: 55lb/244n
Min Operating Temp: -40F (-40 C)
Max Operating Temp: 185F (85 C)
Min Installation Temp: 32F (0C)
Min Bundle Diameter: .4”/10mm
Max Bundle Diameter: 2.0”/51mm
Strap ID: Standard
MS Tool: MS90387-1
Tool Tension: Standard 5 to 8