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The Flexroute® cable clamp kit

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Flexroute® kits

• Great for marine and most outdoor applications

Easy install just about anywhere

• Install in place on existing cable routing projects

Durable & Impact Resistant

• Stands up to vibration, extreme temps & harsh outdoor conditions
• Made from Santoprene®

Designed for longevity

• Sleep better knowing it's done right

How the Flexroute® works...

The Flexroute® cable clamp forms around both the cable and frame providing uniform traction and long lasting protection that a cable tie just can't accomplish on its own. The Flexroute® cable clamp safely secures and protects a conduit of any kind (pneumatic, hydraulic, coaxial, transducer, etc.) to a fixed structure like submersible drive shaft sleeves on fishing boat trolling motors to wakeboard boat towers and UTV roll cages for lighting and audio.

The flexroute® cable clamp is designed and tested to guide cabling and is not a load bearing product. Do not use the flexroute® cable clamp or attached cabling as a support for a load.

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The Ultimate Cable Clamp Solution

Our Flexroute cable clamp provides a unique solution to your wire routing needs. There isn’t another product on the market that offers this much protection and security to cable guiding.

Traditional Cable Clamps And Zip Ties

Our users find that as they are running wire, the traditional solution of a zip tie or cable clamp leaves them in a situation of waiting for something to happen with their wiring. The problem with a zip tie, for example, is that to keep the wire in place, you have to get the pressure to the point of “snug” if you want the wire out of the way. However, when you’re wiring up a UTV lighting system, you need that wire to stay precisely where you pathed it. To do that with zip ties, you have to go beyond “snug” to tighten into place, but this will create a pressure point. That pressure point is a wiring issue time bomb waiting to go off.

Cable clamps come in various types, including some that may clamp down with enough force to keep your wire in place but spread out the pressure across a larger area. This reduces the potential of that point of failure but mounting the clamps becomes the issue. Typical clips are great for running wire over a flat surface. Still, a cylindrical surface like a submersible drive shaft sleeve on trolling motor than attaching them becomes difficult or impossible.

Our Line Of Cable Tie Solutions

Our Flexroute Cable clamps combine the best of both worlds when it comes to cable management. You can get that secure feeling of an overtightened zip tie without subjecting your wiring to a pressure point and problems down the road.

Our Flexroute kit comes with everything you’ll need to wire your cable securely and accomplish protection and routing that zip ties can’t achieve on their own. If you find you need more Flexroute cable clamps, we sell them outside of the kit as well.

Our LowPro fasteners will be the last zip tie you’ll ever use. Unlike traditional zip ties that you’ve likely scraped or scratched yourself on after installation, the LowPro’s design places the tail in at an angle that’s parallel with the head. This keeps your cut end laying flat within the head of the LowPro, allowing yourself and surrounding components to be protected entirely from its sharp angles.